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April 2024


“Battle Stats” for Retail ?

A quick back of napkin calculation of the five large Retail Stores contributing to ​the W23 Global fund, shows that Aussie employees generate 2.9 times more ​sales than South African employees. And English employees generate 3.1 times ​more sales per employee.

Wages are the single biggest Retail store Expense Item. And most stores feel ​that they can operate with fewer employees but don’t know who to keep.

It seems that the problem is not just that there is no floor productivity ​measure - most stores don’t have a Departmental workflow either.

Supermarket Franchise Owners are often pushed to employ more staff simply ​because the Dept Heads say they need more hands – be it Production, ​Merchandisers or Cashiers.

Additional people don’t necessary improve productivity, but they do drive up ​Expenses, jeopardising the business.

March 2024

CX is about floor performance, isn’t it ?

Retailers are battling with decreasing margins – both gross and net and it ​continues to get worse. Yet they are bombarded with Customer Facing ​initiatives – all promising to address that problem.

But clients that we talk to say that there is little attention spent on improving ​floor performance – the “engine room of the store”. Gross margin is impacted ​by Waste, Out of Stocks and Customer Experience, while Expenses continue to ​grow without a proportionate contribution improvement – both pressurizing ​store viability. And there is every expectation that this will trend higher.

Are you finding that ?

Auto Pick Lists get Stock ​to Shelf much faster

Losing Lines ?

Its going to continue to ​happen, unless you have a ​means to track what is not ​getting to shelf and manage it.

And yes, its expensive, ​because nobody has tools to ​check it on the shelf

March 2024:

Losing Lines ?

Store Owners constantly worry that stock (including new lines) is getting to shelf and remaining ​in stock. A detailed report will tell if it was purchased or sold. But Retailers don’t want to look ​up another report, they want the Item on shelf, selling.

The problem is not the report – which indicates what happened (the output). The Problem is ​changing the work done on the floor (input) so the result, in this case getting all purchased ​lines to shelf, happens constantly.

Clients that we are working with are frustrated at the lost sales, waste of stock buried in ​receiving and lack of application by stock entrusted staff.

I wonder what this costs stores on a monthly basis ?Subtitle